Everyone´s gotta suffer

3. september 2011 at 15:54 | Thalia Contostavlos
Just a short one ... hope you like it :)
Warnings: none (just my unique sense of humor)
Disclaimer: I don´t own anything

………I was sitting in one of the most uncomfortable chairs in the world and listening to DA Morris as he talked about disclosing private police information to the public. I guess I deserved the talk since I wanted to borrow some case material but I am also quite positive that I didn't deserve the chair. I fidgeted once more and swallowed. Cramer who was sitting on the windowsill seemed to do the same. I shot him a quick look and met his eyes. He lifted an eyebrow at me and I felt a little bit sorry for myself that I couldn't do it back because Morris was intently watching me as he tried to get his point across.
………I moved my attention back to the attorney and his talk. He was currently discussing the matter of corrupting physical evidence, although I didn't plan to take any with me. I let myself look around his office and contemplated his taste in furniture and paintings and found it a little bit gaudy. I genuinely wanted to get a line on where he got that little wooden figurines he had on a table, so I could trace down the seller and give him my best uppercut. It was as ludicrous as my French. Suddenly the room fell quiet. I rewound the last words he said and when I realized it was a confirmation that I could leave, I stood up. I shook his hand and took a pile of the files I wanted with me. I stopped at the door and looked at Cramer, who stood right next to me.
………"Oh, don't open the door for me. I might need to learn how to function as a paraplegic in the future and opening doors without hands is a good training."
………He sighed melodramatically and turned the doorknob letting us out. "I always knew you were worthless on your own." he whispered when we were in a hallway.
………I grinned and kissed the top of the pile in my hands. "Maybe but I still make more than you do." And with that I quickly flew down the stairs, so he wouldn't trip me.
………In the bullpen, I literally bumped into Purley Stebbins, so I stopped for a little chitchat.
………"Whatcha stealin´?" he said with mouth full of something that could've been a sandwich as well as a ball of plaster.
………"Certainly not your food. What's that?" I nodded at his plate.
………He shrugged. "I don't know, it said ´lunchmeat ´ on the label." He took another bite and cringed visibly, than he looked at the files in my arms again. "What did you say this is?"
………I grinned at him. "My criminal record. Now, if you'll pardon me, I still have a jewelry store to rob."
………He threw his excuse for a lunchmeat in a trashcan and nodded. "Sure thing, I wouldn't stop you if I could. Get something for me too. I like emeralds."
………I gave him my best evil look, I think it was number seven in Saul´s catalogue, and took off.


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