The Overseas (Final Part)

11. september 2011 at 11:35 | Thalia Contostavlos
Finally the last chapter. I know, it´s short :)
Warnings: None that I know of :)
Disclaimer: I don´t own anything, except the story (which is not much :)

………I smiled at both of the geniuses. I may not be the greatest detective ever born, but I am a man of action and experience. I started to feel cocky, so I poured an imaginary bucket of cold water over my head and started: "Mr. Arnolds is lying. The tow trucks in New York don't have visible plates in the back, when there's a car on the ramp. If she was already driving off with his Jaguar, he couldn't have seen anything."
………Captain Hastings looked confused: "But how was he able to make up the plates?"
………It was Wolfe, who answered: "Mr. Hastings, he didn't make it up. He was paid to say the exact number. But it's not up to us to find out who paid him."
………Inspector Japp growled. "That's nonsense. Why would someone want to steal a car, then throw it in a river and pay the owner to say it was someone else?"
………It was my turn again: "Let's say, that your theory about Dolores Dinozzo knowing Mr. Fazzini is correct. They were involved, somehow, and than they parted. He got scared that she would tell the police about his little job, so he decides to scare her. But there's a problem, she visits the famous Nero Wolfe, so it's a good bet to suppose, she's under some sort of surveillance-"
………At this point, everybody got the hang of it, so no one was listening to me. All the Englishmen stood up to leave and Wolfe rang for his beer. I stood up as well and went to see them off.
………I was lying on my bed, thinking. It was a simple case. My theory about Miss Dinozzo and Mr. Fazzini turned out to be corrext and our overseas friends were back in their hometown again. No one was arrested, of course, but there were few fees to be paid and apologies to be delivered. However, I still couldn't help but feel cocky. There were two geniuses in the room at that time and I was the one, who solved the case. Nuts.
………Sure, there's the fact that Mr. Poirot has probably never seen an American tow truck in his life and Mr. Wolfe … Well, he hasn't either since he rarely leaves the brownstone, but that doesn't excuse them. Or does it? I think I need a real bucket of water this time.



1 Kroketa | Web | 12. september 2011 at 15:21 | React

děkuju :)
peří bylo po celým parku a to bych nebyla já aby mě nenapadlo to vyfotit :D
no až pojedu tak ti dám vědět,ale bůhví jestli to někdy bude :D

2 Kroketa | Web | 12. september 2011 at 20:48 | React

souhlasím! nejdřív mi,ale musíš podepsat smlouvu-neručím ti za žádné ublížení na zdraví,takže ti doporučuju pojistku na úrazy v malém zavazadle ;):D

3 Kroketa | Web | 13. september 2011 at 16:52 | React

abych pravdu řekla ve psech se nevyznám a ještě k tomu když to není můj pes :D ale myslím,že to bude labrador,ikdyž čistokroevnej určitě ne

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