The Train Ride

13. september 2011 at 19:47 | Thalia Contostavlos (TT)
………The story I plan to tell you is not about complete nakedness but it gets as far as it can get with Wolfe. I'm one hundred percent sure that he wouldn't appreciate me writing this story down, but he'll never find out. After I'm finished, I'll put it in the safe in my room and never take it out again. But to get to my story - it happened last year on a train, on the way to Richmond. It was about ten o'clock in the evening and all the passengers were getting ready for the night.
………That wasn't a problem for me as I just went to bathroom to dress into my pajamas and brush my teeth. Wolfe, on the other hand, was in a pickle. He didn't like being in a thing that moves on its own, let alone standing and getting dressed in one. It was up to me to think of something and help him out. First off, I sent him out to brush his teeth and do whatever he needed to buy me some time. I pulled out his yellow silk pajamas and put them on one of the beds in our coupé. When he returned, the magic started. I told him to sit down and take of his shoes, but he didn't budge.
………"Sir, I assume, you can do that by yourself, can't you?"
………He scowled. "Not in a moving vehicle, Archie."
………I sighed. "Sit down." After he did, I bent down and quickly maneuvered the shoes off his feet. Then I took off his suit jacket and hanged it up.
………"Sir, I can try to hold you up, so the train wouldn't overpower you but I'm not going to undress you. The shirt and the trousers have to go."
………"It's pants, not trousers, Archie."
………I shrugged. "I've heard both. And it doesn't matter anyway, just take them off."
………He stood up with a heavy breath and murmured something I didn't catch. Then he got a hold of my shoulder and started unbuckling his belt. When the pants were gone and the square kilometers of white skin revealed, he reached out for his pajamas pants but stumbled.
………"I'll get it." I offered and handed them to my big fat boss. The hard part was over, so he sat down on his bed again. When he started unbuttoning his shirt, I took a hold of the other half of his night clothes. He had only his undershirt on, so his arms were bare. I couldn't help but notice his paleness. Of course he would be as he doesn't almost leave the house (which is funny to say while being this far away) but it still surprised me. I'm not some hot tanned brother myself but I surely do have a nice color (or so they say). By the time I finished my inner discussion, Wolfe had his whole outfit on and I could mind my own business again.
I now there´s not too much nakedness, but I couldn´t really undress Wolfe completely, could I? Poor Archie would´ve had a fit.


1 ☆Miss.Lien★ | Web | 13. september 2011 at 20:18 | React

tak já dělám rozvrhy na objednávku (nahoře v menu) takže tam si každý napíše kolik chce :)

2 Sever-rat | Email | Web | 14. september 2011 at 19:56 | React

Až teď jsem měl teprve čas, abych si dočetl tvůj článek - který se ti povedla..přecejenom se čeština čte rychleji než angličtina a u 3 slovíček jsem musel zavítat na slovník.. Ale pěkné..

PS: Kajshqa - raději na sebe kontakt nenechala, protože má určitě vše zkopírované...

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