Fist Fight

4. march 2012 at 15:19 | Thalia Contostavlos
New story. This is for Sever-rat (because his comment really made my day :) I must say I really enjoyed writing this.
Warnings: just some mild violence
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

………"And this one?" asked Saul pointing at yet another orchid.
………I shrugged, already annoyed. We were playing this game for half an hour already and I was getting tired. Saul would point at one of the orchids stacked on a rusty trolley and ask me to name it. If I did, he would give me a cent, if I didn't, I'd give him two. I had fifty cents in my pocket already, while Saul had two. But that didn't seem to dampen his mood. In fact, he looked as a five-year old child in a toy store. He certainly didn't appear to be one of the best operatives in New York, which he was.
………We were standing in front of an old orchid store, our eyes trained at the gun shop across the street. Well, not exactly at the gun shop, since it was hidden in the basement under the derelict Berner's Pharmacy, but at the side entrance leading to it. For the two hours we were standing here, no one came out or in. I was bored stiff, which was probably the reason why Saul suggested this ludicrous game.
………He poked me in the ribs. "Come on, Archie. Name it."
………I sighed and took a good look at the plant he was currently pointing at. It had a pink blossom with little white dots. By the looks of it, it was another Phalaenopsis - possibly a hybrid. And that's what I said.
………Saul frowned and looked at the tag attached to his plant. "That's the thirty-first Phalaenopsis they have in here. You're correct again."
………I smiled. "It's the cheapest one, what did you expect?"
………He was now pouting like a little boy and handed me another cent. "I wanted to buy cigarettes today."
………I rolled my eyes. "Then let's play some more. The things you smoke are disgusting."
………He wanted to reply something, but stopped even before the first words left his mouth. I looked over my shoulder to see what disturbed him and smirked. There was a man knocking at the side entrance.
………"What do we do now?" asked Saul his eyes never leaving the man.
………"We'll wait for him to come out, I don't want to fight in a gun shop."
………Saul nodded.
………It took only something over ten minutes for the man to emerge. He headed south, me and Saul right behind him. We walked for five minutes and something around twenty seconds, when we stopped in a dark alley between East 21st and 22nd Street. Our man met up with three others. They looked terrible, they were all muscles and looked as former boxers. That wasn't exactly good news, if we were to get into a fist-fight, we would have a very hard time dealing with them. They seemed to argue about something, so we didn't intervene - there were guns involved after all. After few minutes, our man started yelling. I didn't hear exactly what he was saying, but I caught the word 'smuggle' amongst his rumble. That's what we were suspecting anyway, but it's nice to have your theories confirmed.
………"He's coming towards us," whispered Saul into my ear as one of the boxers headed on 21st Street. I nodded and shoved him behind some cardboard boxes. The mountain of flesh flagged a cab and drove away. One less person to care about. Suddenly something brushed against my leg - probably a mouse or a rat. Saul must've felt it too, because he jerked away knocking some of the boxes as he did so.
………"Who's there?" shouted one of the men in the alley.
………"Get out," I hissed, "you got the clothes."
………He understood immediately, scrambling out of the boxes. "What?" shouted he slurring a little bit.
………"Who are you?"
………Saul stumbled over to them. "What're ya doin' here? Tis' ma place. I liv' here."
………One of the gorilla's duo got hold of his shoulders and swung him to the ground. I could see Saul tense a little bit, but he kept his character of a homeless drunk going. "I liv' here," he repeated.
………"That's none of your business," said the other one, his bald head glistening with sweat.
………"Just deal with him, John. He's just a vagabond," said our man to the boxer who still had hair on.
………John turned around. "And what do you want me to do? Shoot him?"
………I saw it coming before it even happened. Saul leaned back a little bit and by the time his fist landed on the back of the gorilla's head, I had my gun already drawn out and was on my way towards our little group.
………The bald man grunted and pulled out his gun along with our man. John was lying on the ground, hopefully unconscious, with Saul towering over him.
………"Who are you?" squeaked our man looking from me to Saul and back again.
………I kept my voice down. "I'll tell you if you put this thing down."
………Our man shuddered, but didn't look as if he intended to do as I asked.
………I looked at Saul briefly, checking that his gun was aimed as well. I didn't doubt he knew where to shoot in this situation. As I looked back at my target, I nodded and fired. Both of our opponents had been disarmed immediately, their hands bleeding.
………"You son of the bitch!" shouted the bald-head and leapt at me. I ducked easily and threw my gun far away from his reach. It would be no use to me since I couldn't shoot him and I certainly didn't want him to shoot me with my own revolver. From the corner of my eye, I saw Saul do the same with his gun as he blocked out some of the attempts to punch him from our man. I wanted to remark something about him having it easier, but was unable to do so as my man swiped a clenched fist at my face. I dodged around it and closed the distance between us. Startled, he took a step back just as I threw my open palm to his solar plexus. He bent over in pain, but didn't take long to recover. Still hunched over he went against me hitting me full force to my stomach with his fists. I was glad I hadn't eaten recently for I surely wouldn't be able to hold it in.
………Suddenly I heard a yelp from behind me. "Jerry! Help!"
………My man - Jerry - didn't even bother to answer as I backed him to the wall, thrusting my forearm under his chin. He grunted and tried to push me away, but I wasn't moving. Well, until he pulled me against him. I didn't expect that, so taken off balance, I stumbled forward as Jerry pulled free of my grasp. Before I could recover, he grabbed the back of my head and closed the distance between my forehead and the wall.
………Dazed, I stumbled back, holding a hand to my head. Without missing a beat, Jerry extended his foot into my chest and I flew back onto the street. I hesitated for a moment watching the stars flying around my head. When I noticed a hole in my suit pants.
………"I've paid a fortune for that suit," I said making everybody around me stop with amazement. "Now I'd have to take it back to the tailor's again."
………Jerry sized me up and then snickered.
………I heard Saul to exhale a surprised puff of air as his opponent took a swing on his spine. I wasn't given the opportunity to watch as Saul kneeled on the ground in pain (although I know he did so), because Jerry decided to give me another lesson. He grabbed me by the lapels and lifted me off the ground and into the air.
………"I wasn't joking about the suit," said I, gripping his wrists to help support my weight. "You owe me enough already."
………With that said, I slapped my hands against the sides of his head, my open palms slamming against his ears.
………He cried out in pain and dropped me to claw at his ringing ears. I looked over to where Saul was grunting, but he seemed to have everything under control. I was just about to turn back and attend to Jerry, when the man in question delivered a firm punch to my diaphragm. I gasped and staggered back. I saw Jerry move forward to strike again so I ducked and performed a very nice uppercut to his jaw. He leaned back to avoid the hit, but my knuckles managed to scrape his chin. Then I aimed for his exposed neck thinking of finishing him, but I didn't expect what came next. He reacted by jabbing his fingers into my ribs with so much power that I heard something crack inside me. I fell to the ground clutching at my side breathing heavily.
………I heard Saul call my name, but I couldn't move. I felt like there was a hole in my ribcage - and maybe there was. It took me about half of a minute to open my eyes again, inspecting my surroundings. Saul was pressed against the wall by the tot, grunting.
………"Archie!" he hissed and nodded towards my gorilla. He was standing with his back towards us, hunched over his knocked out friend. There laid my opportunity. I wasn't capable of standing up, so I couldn't really rise to the occasion, but I decided that I could slide over to it. And that's exactly what I did.
………I have no idea how I managed to get behind him, but when I did, I knew the luck was on my side. Jerry was leaning forward which couldn't be very stable. I took him by his ankles jerking his feet towards me with all the force I had. I heard Jerry's yelp and then a loud thud as his head came into contact with the wall. It was a harsh blow and it knocked Jerry unconscious. I think I even heard his skull crack, but I'm not sure.
………I must've blacked out again, because when I opened my eyes a little later, our enemies were tied up in a nice bundle and Saul was poking my cheek.
………"You alright?" he asked trying to hide his concern.
………I nodded and sat up. "Have you called Wolfe?"
………He shook his head. "Not yet."
………"Do it," I said standing up and heading to retreat my revolver from where I threw it earlier.



1 Jennifer | 5. march 2012 at 15:57 | React

Wow, Saul is clever. I would've never guessed that I am to play a vagabond from what Archie'd said.

It would be like: "Go, Jenn. You've got the clothes."
And me: "You're naked?"

2 Natalie Fotopoulos | Web | 8. march 2012 at 20:47 | React

[1]: Nah, you would've got it :)Stop underestimating yourself.

3 Sever-rat | Email | Web | 8. march 2012 at 22:02 | React

Děkuji za příběh, který byl napsán pro mě mě potěšilo a jsem rád, že jsem ti vytvořil chuť psát...Opravdu píšeš skvěle, i tento příběh se jako vždy povedl...

Rád čtu tvé povídky v angličtině, protože se jí zároveň učím a když nějaké slovíčko nevím, donutí mě to, podívat se do slovníčku..

4 Jennifer | 16. april 2012 at 11:40 | React

[2]: I'm not understimating myself. I just know my abilities and I could never be as clever as Archie is :)

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