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6. august 2012 at 21:54 | Thalia Contostavlos
Another story. It's in English this time, but i hope you'll enjoy it anyways :)
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: story's mine

……You may have already heard of lieutenant Rowcliffe and his tendency to stutter whenever he's nervous or stressed. And the stress increases every time he starts stuttering, so it's a vicious circle. I have to admit that I was the cause for his discomfort more than once in my lifetime, and that is probably one of the main reasons he hates me. Well, the feeling is mutual.
……Throughout the years, I've brought my ability to make him stutter to near perfection. The fastest I've ever been able to do it has been exactly one minute and six seconds. It happened about two months ago, when Rowcliffe decided it was a good idea to drag me down the stationhouse and interview me. We sat together in the interrogation room and he started asking me questions. At first, I wanted to annoy him and clam up, but then I thought better of it and decided to talk and possibly make him stutter a little bit faster. As I said, it took me only one minute and six seconds before he repeated a syllable for the first time.
…….I was so proud of my accomplishment that I had to tell Saul all about it and add a few self-centered sentences on top of it. Like that I'd be able to do the same thing in under a minute with the same result. He had a different opinion and said that he'll owe me fifteen bucks if I'd be able to perform what I said. Make lieutenant Rowcliffe stutter in under a minute with him being absolutely calm to start with. I agreed to the bet, because I had nothing to lose other than my dignity and started planning what would I use the three fivers for.
……So when I was arrested and brought downtown this morning because of some B and E stuff, all I had in mind was how to win the bet. I was sure I'd be interrogated by lieutenant, because he was always very pleased with me being in custody, but what I didn't know was how to make him stutter. And I still didn't know it five minutes later, when he opened the door and came in.
……"Good morning, Goodwin."
……I didn't look up. "Not for me."
……"There's no need to be grumpy. It's not like you're arrested, is it?"
……I rolled my eyes. "Don't know what you're talking about."
……He shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, breaking and entering for the start."
……"If you're talking about Rigsby, I'm out of it. I'd just popped in for a little chat."
……He finally sat down. "Sure, if that's what you say. But that doesn't change the fact, he's dead."
……"I never said I wanted to change that fact. He wasn't a nice person."
……"Sarcasm doesn't suit you, Goodwin. It's known to be a weapon of the clever."
……"Says the man who had to wait ten years for the promotion to a lieutenant."
……He frowned. I could tell his good mood was gone. "What were you doing in Rigsby's apartment, Goodwin?"
……"I told you, I dropped by for a chat and a cuppa tea."
……He shook his head. "Don't lie to me, you stinker."
……"Don't ask me questions then."
……He took a deep breath. "I think you picked his lock just to see if you could find something that would connect Rigsby with Barton's murder."
……I didn't like the fact he was right, but tried to hide my discomfort. "Really? And how do you know that?"
……"A little bird told me," said he with a smug smile on his face.
……I thought I should probably go bird hunting sometimes, but all I said was: "Even if that were true, you can't prove it."
……His grin disappeared. "Dammit, Goodwin. This is a murder investigation, not a circus! Just answer my freaking questions."
……I stared at him. "And what do you think I was doing all this time?"
……"You were lying to me!"
……I smiled. "Yes, now I can see, why they didn't promote you sooner."
……He growled. "You talk too much, Goodwin."
……"Has anyone ever told you, that you have a certain ability to state the obvious?"
……"For g-god's sake, Goodwin. You really d-don't know when to stop."
……I quickly looked at my watch and cursed. It was exactly one minute and three seconds from the time Rowcliffe opened the door. I looked back at him and sighed. Maybe next time.


1 Em Age | Web | 6. august 2012 at 22:54 | React

I´ve found it too hard to read and understand, I am not so good in english yet. But I admire you for your ability to write such a story!
You´re really a great writer, Thalia.

2 Thalia Contostavlos | Web | 6. august 2012 at 22:57 | React

[1]: Thank you so much for appreciation. I admire you for at least trying to read it :)

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