12. october 2012 at 22:17 | Archie Goodwin
Another short story I made up in my literature classes. Who would have thought you could write such a lighthearted story while watching Hitchcockian shower scene :D
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: not mine .... sucks ...

From all the times I felt like putting vinegar into Wolfe's beer, I came the closest that morning. He walked in the office at exactly eleven o'clock as usually and started bugging me right away.
……"My god, Archie! What in the heavens are you wearing?"
……I frowned as I looked down to examine my clothes. Needless to say, there was nothing wrong with them. I was wearing a light lilac shirt, black necktie and newly pressed black suit to go with it.
……"What do you mean, sir?"
……Wolfe looked at me incredulously. "The shirt, Archie! It's purple."
……I sighed. Wolfe hated purple in any way, shape or form. Once, he'd even refused to accept a well-off client just because he was wearing a dark purple suit.
……"Well, technically it's not really purple, sir. The tag said 'lilac'."
……Wolfe tapped his fingers on the shiny surface of his desk. "Flummery."
……I shrugged. "Maybe, that doesn't change a thing though. I'm still wearing it."
……Wolfe pursed his lips in thought. "Are you quite sure, Archie? I thought you'd still remember what happened the last time you wore purple."
……I'm not ashamed to admit that an actual shiver ran down my back, when I registered his words. Of course I remembered. We were in the middle of a murder case and Wolfe was just about to give me some instructions for the next day, when he noticed my necktie. It was dark purple and - according to Wolfe - absolutely hideous. Let's just say that I had to read the papers very carefully to keep track on the investigation development. I ended up even worse off than Cramer.
……I shrugged. "So what do you suggest I do with the shirt if I am to never wear it again?"
……Wolfe looked as if he didn't care at all about what I do with my shirt. As far as he was concerned I could've just disposed of it and he would be absolutely fine. I however, did care about the twenty bucks I'd paid for it.
……"Am I supposed throw it out?"
……Wolfe shrugged nonchalantly. "You don't have to throw it out, I just advise you not to wear it around me." What he failed to mention was that I was always around him.
……"Will you give me the twenty bucks I've paid for it?"
……"Certainly not. You shouldn't have bought it in the first place - you knew I wouldn't like it."
……I know when it is a lost cause arguing with Wolfe, so I retreated. "Fine! I'm going up to my room and change."
……Wolfe nodded. "You do that."
……I picked a navy blue shirt, black necktie with yellow curlicues and a beige suit. I looked at myself in a mirror and sighed. Where did Fritz put that vinegar bottle, again?


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Ahoj. No článku nerozumím :D, ale u mě na blogu už začal projekt, do kterého jsi se přihlásila. Jukni

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