A study in Sherlock Holmes

13. april 2013 at 20:36 | Thalia Contostavlos |  Author´s Note
……There is not a person in the world who would not know the famous duo of Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Doctor Watson. Majority of the people however doesn't understand the nature of their relationship nor the balance they've managed to develop over the years of their friendship. It also doesn't help that the only sentence ever quoted is: "That is elementary, my dear Watson, quite elementary." which suggests that Holmes is absolutely brilliant and genius, while Watson is only his dumb and fussing sidekick.
......That is certainly not what Arthur Conan Doyle intended to create, when he first put his pen to a paper. The truth is that Sherlock Holmes is not as perfect as many seem to believe and there is definitely more to Doctor Watson than just stitching up wounds and limping about.
......In truth, Sherlock Holmes however intelligent and quick-witted was an eccentrically behaving man with little care about his own wellbeing and an absolute ignorance of human feelings and social conscience. On the top of that, he was addicted to his seven-percent solution of cocaine he used to inject himself in times of boredom.
......On the other hand, Watson was a very capable physician, skilful writer and a war veteran. Despite popular belief, he was quite clever as well. This fact is being repeatedly overlooked though because, let's face it, everyone seems to be a tad slow in comparison to the great mind of Sherlock Holmes.
......What was their relationship like, then? In my opinion, it is almost indefinable. They were certainly a lot more than mere friends but there most likely wasn't enough for any kind of romance. "Brothers" doesn't seem to cover it as well, especially if you consider Sherlock's relationship with his brother Mycroft, and "colleagues" is just too distant. The best description I can possibly come up with is a one of intimate companions. They cannot really live without each other, they rely on each other, take care of each other and most importantly complement each other.
......While it is most certainly Sherlock Holmes who leads Watson through the intricate alleys of brilliant deductions and criminal minds, it is good Doctor Watson who knows how to patch up a flesh wound or shoot a said mind between eyes. While Sherlock Holmes sees only what he wants to, Watson makes him watch what he needs to. While Holmes takes a very good care of his brain and thoughts, Watson makes him eat so his body doesn't collapse. Even though the detective is always at least one step ahead of the doctor, is it really him who leads the way? That is for them to know and for us to speculate about.
......I admit I didn't really arrive to any real conclusions but I hope I made you think at least a little bit about one of the most beautiful relationships in the history of literature.


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