Forbidden fruit

20. july 2013 at 8:59 | Thalia Contostavlos
A small snippet written for the Topic of the Week :)
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: all mine (though I might've been inspired by something :)

I was standing at a shiny wooden bar at Frank's and observing the pitiful dance floor. What was pitiful about it, however, wasn't the floor itself but the dancers moving on it. The band in the corner was playing a typical swing song, yet not one person was dancing anything resembling swing. I sighed in disappointment. It didn't seem to be very probable that I would find a companion for the night here. I like my women not only beautiful but also good at dancing.
……A pleasant voice interrupted me from my musings: "Is this seat taken?"
……I looked up to see a very satisfyingly-looking woman leaning against the polished surface next to me. She wore a red dress that started pretty late at the top but went a long way past her knees at the bottom. I raised my eyebrow and pointedly looked at the lack of any seats at the bar. "Seat?"
……She smiled. "A figure of speech."
……"And what a nice figure." I remarked. She really had a very nice figure. Tanned arms, symmetrical face, shiny blond hair, narrow waist and long legs.
……She laughed and outstretched a hand with a wedding ring on it. "I'm Amber."
……I took her hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you."
……That was obviously not, what she wanted to hear. "And you are?"
……"Very flattered." And I was. That a happily married woman would approach me because she thought me interesting - that didn't happen every day. And to say the truth, it was tempting. A forbidden fruit tastes better than any other, right? It wasn't worth the risk, though. Her husband could be a very powerful man, in money or influence, and I didn't need anyone messing up with my social standing nor my beloved job.
……She was still smiling though maybe not as brightly as she was a minute ago. "You're not going to share your name?"
……I shook my head. "I would feel bad for rejecting you then."
……She outright frowned now. "Rejecting me?"
……I took her hand and twirled the ring on her finger.
……She sighed. "I probably should've taken that off, right?"
……I smiled and took her around the shoulders. She even smelled very nice, which made what I was going to do even harder. "Look, take the ring off, sprinkle more of that perfume behind your ears and go over there to that table. There's a very kind-looking man sitting there, who would surely like some company."
……She smiled at me, kissed my cheek as a thank-you gesture and went. It would be hard to describe my feelings, when I saw her leaving the bar with the nice looking man half an hour later. I was disappointed and content at the same time. Disappointed that I didn't get to taste the sweet-smelling forbidden fruit and content that I still had my job and all of my teeth, when I saw an angry-looking man follow them out.


1 a2l | Email | Web | 22. july 2013 at 14:26 | React

Ten měl pěkné štěstí, že si toho ovoce nekousl :D Moc pěkná povídka ;)
Tohle je asi první blog, co jsem viděla, který se specializuje i na anglické povídky. No valím oči! :)

2 Thalia Contostavlos | Email | Web | 22. july 2013 at 18:07 | React

[1]: Děkuju moc :)

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