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......A short story about provocation and teasing at school. Tell me if you want me to continue with the story (it'll have different topic, of course) or if you think this should be a one-shot.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: this is AU of BBC Sherlock, so I don't own any recognizable characters :( *sigh*

......Greg Lestrade was an eighteen-year-old student of The Queensferry High in Edinburgh, who stopped playing football because he just wasn't good enough and now spent his time standing behind the rugby field tribunes in his leather jacket, smoking and admiring the jocks. He was currently sitting in the school library reading his genetics book and frowning at the text before him. He didn't get biology and hated learning it since he knew he'll never need any of it again in his life. He's going to be a cop, he didn't even want to go to the uni, so he saw no need for subjects like biology or chemistry. Problem was that if he wanted to finish his secondary education, he needed to get a very good grade from his genetics test next week.
......His only friend Jason was sitting next to him, nose buried in his superhero comic, looking the perfect picture of the geek he was. Greg liked him, he was clever, usually helpful, sometimes even funny and mainly desperate enough to befriend someone like him. Jason snickered at something in his book and turned to Greg.
......"You should really read this one, Gregory, it's neat."
......Greg rolled his eyes. "I don't suppose it'll teach me hybridization, will it?"
......Jason sighed. "Gregory, I've already explained it to you three times. I can't help it if you still don't get it."
......Greg shrugged. It was just his luck that everyone at school thought he was a boring nerd, while in reality, he wasn't that good of a student. He was unpopular, not clever. With a tired sigh, he engrossed himself in his textbook again but only managed to read two paragraphs before Jason nudged him.
......"There's John Watson over there. Ask him, Gregory."
......Greg looked up. John Watson was one of the most popular blokes at school. He was seventeen, played rugby, dated cheerleaders and even some footballers since he was openly bisexual and on top of all that, he was clever. He was especially good at biology and chemistry because he wanted to be a doctor, but excelled in maths and physics too. What he wasn't very good at was history and geography because he didn't deem them important enough to actually spend time learning them. The problem in asking John Watson for help was, that the jock didn't even know Greg existed, let alone had a major crush on him.
......"I can't," he told Jason at the same time John's buddy, Perry Carlson, yelled: "Oi! Isn't that the freak that bugged us during labs this Monday? And he's reading a superman story!"
......Jason blushed. "It's batman, you ignorant."
......Perry smirked. "My bad, I'm not very well educated in nerdness! Look John, he was able to find another loser to be friends with."
......It was Greg's turn to blush now. The provocation wasn't new but it was always embarrassing and he had to bite his lip in order to keep quiet, it wouldn't do to give Perry the satisfaction of an angry reaction.
......Perry didn't give up so easily though. "You read cartoons too, leather jacket?"
......And Jason was easy to provoke. "Batman is not a cartoon! You don't understand the art of comics."
......Perry laughed. "You hear that John? The cartoon geek and leather jacket think I don't understand the art of comics!"
......John's throaty laugh joined Perry's and Greg wanted to disappear. This was so humiliating! The first time John notices him, he's sweating over a genetics book, sitting next to a guy reading batman and being called "leather jacket".
......Perry continues his torture: "That's rich. Itty bitty pair of dunderheads."
......Greg opened his mount to finally say something, preferably some provocation of his own, when John took a deep breath and told his friend: "Leave them alone, Perry and show me the chapter you don't understand."
......Perry frowned and pulled out something that might have been a chemistry book once. "Page 157, that stuff's wicked."
......John scowled at the book as he sat down. "No wonder you don't understand it, you can't even read this rubbish. What did you do to the book?"
......Perry shrugged. "It fell down in the showers."
......John barked out a laugh and pulled out his own book to explain to his friend whatever was on page 157. Greg sighed and went on to read in his own textbook, all the while wondering what does John think about him. Does he believe he's a loser? That he has his own stack of comics under his bed?
......Jason nudged him again. "You okay?"
......Greg shrugged. "Sure, it was nothing new." Except for the fact that John was present this time and did nothing to stop his buddy.
......Jason narrowed his eyes. "You like him." It wasn't a question.
......Greg paled. "What? I do not!"
......"Yes you do. You have a crush on our resident skirt-chaser. You should really ask him to help you."
......"I can't. He thinks I'm a loser, he won't look twice at me."
......Jason sighed. "Coward. You do realize that he can help you? If you're friends with him, no one is going to dare pick on you."
......Greg felt offended. He's eighteen, adults don't get picked on, they get provoked. And he told Jason so.
......His friend smiled at him patronizingly. "Sure, keep telling yourself that. That guy is your key to better days, Gregory. Take the chance."
......Greg blushed again. "I can't." And he couldn't.


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To je blbost. vůbec to neni o provokaci. navíc neumíš anglicky

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