Bloody Dentists

10. december 2013 at 15:13 | Thalia Contostavlos
......Alright, so I went to the dentists yesterday, because I had a chipped tooth. Instead of a permanent fix, I have just a stupid temporary stuff shoved up my ... tooth and I have to come back for another appointment. In January! So I am a bit peeved right now and decided to share my feelings through a short story.
Warnings: do not look for a point in this story :)
Disclaimer: Any recognizable characters are not mine :(

......Greg Lestrade was standing calmly over a body of a drowned man, waiting for Sherlock and his companion doctor Watson to make an appearance. This was the fourth bloke that had been pulled out of the Thames and Greg had to admit, he needed the annoying genius like never before. Needless to say his subordinates weren't so accepting, Anderson was huffing and puffing all the time and Donovan was becoming very inventive with her name-calling.
......Just as Greg was about to pull out his phone to call Sherlock and inquire about his whereabouts, a cab pulled up and the man in question jumped out, crouching over the dead body without preamble. John climbed out, paid the cabbie and limped slowly after his flatmate.
......Greg came up to him. "Good morning, doctor."
......John scowled, his muscles pulling in an unfamiliar manner. "Morning, yes. Good, no."
......The DI raised his eyebrows. "What happened? Sherlock has another experiment in your microwave?"
......John shook his head. "No. Well, not that he doesn't, but that's not it. I was at the dentists. Bloody nuisance, it was."
......"You're not afraid of dentists, are you?"
......"Nah, they just annoy the living hell out of me. Not only is it nearly impossible to set an appointment because they don't ever pick up their phones, but when you do, by some miracle, get them to actually attend to you, they try to kill you."
......Greg smiled. "Don't be so dramatic, you sound like Sherlock."
......John narrowed his eyes. "It was bloody dramatic. Two weeks ago I had an emergency - a chipped tooth, the dentist gave me a temporary filling for it and set up an appointment for today, so he could fix it permanently. But what does he do today? He tells me he has to give me some healing nonsense because my tooth nerve got uncovered and sets up another appointment for said permanent fix."
......The inspector looks sympathetically at his friend. "Bugger."
......John didn't have time to react because Sherlock strode over to the duo, an excited expression on his face. "Exactly like the others, bound and thrown into the river. Have you identified him yet?"
......Greg shook his head. "He's got no ID on him."
......Sherlock rolled his eyes. "So? Oh, you lot are completely dim." He pointed at the body. "He smells of disinfection, he's got two latex gloves tucked in his trousers and a dark silver substance behind his nails - you'll find it's a dental filling. He's a dentist, obvious."
......If Sherlock expected praise from the doctor, he must've been disappointed when John groaned. "You're bloody kidding me. I swear to God, If I see one more dentist today, you'll have another body to pull out of the water."


1 Natty | Web | 13. december 2013 at 8:56 | React

Ať se zoubek uzdraví a ty máš pěkný předvánoční den. :-)

2 Thalia Contostavlos | Email | Web | 13. december 2013 at 15:29 | React

[1]: Děkuju, zub mám dočasně opravený a zatím nezlobí :)

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