26. january 2014 at 17:29 | Thalia Contostavlos
DAY 1) Write down your ten favourite OTPs and mention when/why/how you started to ship them; whether they are canon; whether it is a common ship amongst fans and for how long has their ship been sailing in your mind.
1. Archie/Cramer (Nero Wolfe's Mysteries)
->I started to take interest in this ship when I was halfway through my collection of Rex Stout's books (some five years ago, I think). What made me fall in love with them however, were the A&E series with Timothy Hutton. The ship is sadly not canon, I'm not sure I would've liked the way Rex Stout could possibly write it anyway. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one in the world to see this ship happening, it's frustrating. Whenever I search for fanfiction, all I find are my stories.
2. Watson/Holmes (Granada Sherlock Holmes)
-> I've shipped Watson and Holmes ever since I've read the canon books. I always saw the chemistry there and felt like there's something Watson's not telling his readers. It was really easy for me to fall in love with Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes and even easier to make him board the ship with Hardwicke's Watson. Therefore I have my own opinion on whether they are canon or not :D It is a very common ship, I'd say.
3. John/Greg (BBC Sherlock)
-> Strangely enough, I just don't see the BBC Sherlock and John sailing together. Sherlock is like a younger brother to John and I don't see the chemistry. I absolutely adore Inspector Lestrade though and it didn't take long for me to see where the ship was going. Sadly, they have the most chemistry in an unaired pilot episode. They are not canon.
4. Tony/Gibbs (NCIS)
-> Took me a long time to see this one. At first I shipped Gibbs and Abby, before I realized that she represented a long lost daughter for Gibbs and therefore there are no romantic feelings there. I feel like Tony's personality uplifts Gibbs, who in turn grounds the other agent. I can't for the love of God pinpoint a moment that sealed it for me. I think they're not a very common ship but there's a lot to be found abou them despite it.
5. Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)
-> I saw it ever since the first episode, who wouldn't after a comment such as: "And he looks good in a suit." ? They ARE canon and I hate, absolutely hate the writers for killing Ianto off. Shame on you! Very common, indeed.
6. Rhett/Link (GMM)
-> You have no idea how guilty I feel about this one … they're real people after all. I adore the fact that they are best friends since first grade, I don't even remember the people I used to be friends with back then. I feel that I am imagining the chemistry because of how close they are. Not common at all (still better than number one though). Not canon.
7. Patrick/Kim (The Mentalist)
-> I adore the two of them to bits. I love the dynamics, I love the humour and I like how both of them are somewhat mysterious ... the prefect pair if you ask me. Not canon. Not common. Sadly ruined for me after the Red John was killed (and to think I was looking forward to that :( ...
8. Tom/Ben (Midsomer)
-> I love the chemistry, despite the age difference I don't think it's a father-son relationship at all. It's not canon nor common ... *pout*
9. Draco/Harry (Harry Potter)
-> Very common and who doesn't see this one, is blind. Beautiful chemistry (even between the actors) and a large fan base. Not canon.
10. Jack/William (Pirates of Caribbean)
-> I loved these two ever since I set my eyes on them (and I don't like Orlando Bloom). There are no women needed in those films, if you ask me. Not canon, not that common.

P.S. I do realize these are all slash couples. I do have some Het!ships and I did think about putting them here but in the end I decided to be consistent and leave it all rainbowish :D

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