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DAY 2) Write a story about couple (5) watching sunset/sunrise/stars together.
The couple is Jack and Ianto from Torchwood.
Warnings: some faulty science logic, spoilers for CoE
Disclaimer: I don't own any recognizable characters
.................... had I owned them, Ianto would've never died ... well duh.

......Ianto Jones was completely exhausted. He didn't know, where he last fell asleep but the surface he was lying on was killing his back. He felt as if his eyelids were glued together and his limbs weighted with barrels of water. He let out a frustrated grunt in hope of someone hearing him and removing the damned weights.
......"Yan?" gasped someone next to him. "Ianto, do you hear me?"
......He let out another grunt while trying to decipher who was calling him.
......"Can you open your eyes for me, Yan? Please?"
......Ianto tried and failed. The person calling him sounded suspiciously like Jack but the affliction was all wrong. There was no trace of his usual cockiness and bravado, leaving the voice sounding both defeated and pleading.
......"Ianto please, I need you to fully wake up, can you do that for me?"
......He could tell Jack was getting impatient, so Ianto tried to move again, this time feeling his arms twitch slightly and his eyelids sliding painfully open only to shut closed again at the onslaught of bright light in the room. Where the hell was he? The air smelled faintly of disinfection. Was he at the hospital? He could hear Jack urging him on to try again.
......He opened his mouth slightly. "Lights. Too bright." he croaked out and hoped it was intelligible.
......Luck was on his side because only few seconds later, he could hear the unmistakable sound of the light switch and then Jack was by his side again, reaching for his hand.
......Ianto moved his fingers and pried his eyelids open again. He could hold them open this time and searched Jack's face in the dim lighting coming from some other room. The first thing he recognized though wasn't Jack but the metal door of their autopsy. He was suddenly able to tell that the uncomfortable thing he was lying on, was in fact a morgue drawer.
......He searched Jack's eyes in panic. What the bloody hell was he doing in the autopsy? He wasn't dead was he?
......Jack seemed to be able to read his thoughts for he immediately started calming him. "Don't worry, Yan. Everything's fine. You're safe here, alright?"
......Ianto nodded reluctantly and found the strength to ask: "What happened?"
......A pained expression passed over the older man's face briefly before he smiled down at him. "What is the last thing you remember?"
......Ianto thought long and hard. He knew they were on some kind of mission. There was some kind of biological threat, maybe? A warehouse? Or some kind of building? He wasn't sure. He could remember Jack, looking down at him, crying, telling him something, but he couldn't place the picture.
......"Not much, I'm afraid."
......Jack smiled again. "Doesn't matter, you'll remember in no time, I'm sure. I must ask you though, do you remember me?"
......Ianto rolled his eyes. "How could I ever forget?"
......Jack looked pleased. "I missed you, Yan."
......He must've looked confused again because jack went on to explain. "You were gone for almost two years. I swear to you, never have any two years felt so long. I love you."
......Suddenly Ianto remembered everything. The case, the building, the poison, dying in Jack's arms, telling him he loved him and Jack assuring him he would never forget him. So he did die after all. How come he was alive now?
......"I remember, Jack. I remember dying."
......Jack nodded but didn't say anything, probably waiting for Ianto to form some sort of question or opinion.
......"What happened? How come I'm still alive?"
......Jack looked guilty. "You're not still alive, you're alive again."
......Ianto frowned. "What did you do?"
......Jack closed his eyes briefly. "I'm sorry, Yan, I'm so sorry. I just couldn't-" he gulped loudly, "I hope you won't hate me."
......Ianto still didn't understand anything. "Why would I hate you? Did you save me? What happened, Jack? Tell me."
......Instead of replying, Jack took a scalpel from a nearby table and brought it down on Ianto's palm. It stung a little as blood flowed from the freshly opened wound and then stung some more as the wound slowly closed by itself. Ianto stared. He had only seen something like this happen to only one person before, Jack.
......"How did you... I mean, how did I... what the hell?"
......Jack sighed and put down the scalpel. "The Doctor carries some of my blood with himself so that he can work on a cure for my... predicament. He's managed to do some extraordinary things but none of them was a cure. Few days ago, he came to me with yet another development. He managed to isolate part of my DNA that is responsible for the immortality rubbish. He told me I could inject it to a person and they would in turn become immortal too. He told me to think carefully about what kind of power it gave me and think about what would the person do with their newfound skill, or as I prefer to call it, illness. I had only one question for him though."
......Ianto nodded, slowly catching up. "Whether you can inject it to the already dead."
......"Yes. I think the Doctor knew who I had in mind even before he told me it's possible. It did take you long enough to wake up though, I started thinking it might not have worked after all."
......They stared at each other for a few minutes, before Jack lost his patience. "Are you angry at me?"
......Ianto shook his head. "Not yet. I don't think I fully comprehend what exactly does this mean. I think I'll have to get used to it though, I don't have a choice do I?"
......Jack shook his head. "No, you don't. But I can guarantee you that until a cure is found, we're stuck together."
......"For eternity."
......"For eternity. But it might not be as long as we thing, Yan."
......They were both quiet again before Ianto sat up slowly. "What's the time? Can we see the stars?" He couldn't explain why exactly he had the sudden urge to look at a night sky but he couldn't shake it off.
......Jack nodded, not even seeming surprised by this development. "It's two am, we're all alone in here. Would you like to go on the roof?"
......Ianto let the discussion on whether what the Hub had could be called a roof or not slide, and nodded instead. Their journey long and quiet as Ianto had to concentrate on his movements and Jack supported him. When they finally sat down under the star filled sky, they were both tired. Despite that, Ianto couldn't close his eyes for they were transfixed by the thousands of flickering lights above his head. He felt calm somehow and started imagining what exactly lingered in the depths of the universe.
......Jack was warm and supportive by his side and even though Ianto felt like he should be angry at him for being selfish, he couldn't find the negative emotion in himself. He still didn't know what exactly it meant to live forever, he was sure he will have a major breakdown once his loved ones start to die on him but right now and right here, he felt calm. The sweet kiss Jack planted on the top of his head once his eyes did close, didn't hurt either.

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