Good Mythical Argument

23. january 2014 at 13:20 | Thalia Contostavlos
......First of all, if you don't know about Rhett and Link's youtube channel (or know about it but haven't subscribed yet!), you are severely upsetting the whole immaculately set balance of our society and should immediately subscribe otherwise our world as we all know it will cease to exist. And you'll be the one responsible!
......Second of all, you have no idea how guilty I am about posting this and my story is not even real slash, just something that's implied. I can't even imagine reading fanfiction about myself or knowing that it exists and I hope neither one of the internetainers will ever find this post.
......Just to be sure though, I don't intend to offend, insult or hurt anyone.
Disclaimer: They're real people, so of course I own them! ... not really
Warnings: Just some very very slightly implied slash ... no big deal.

......Rhett was sitting at the studio, waiting for Link to show up for their video shooting session. He was already fifteen minutes late and Rhett was a bit peeved about it. He couldn't shake the feeling that Link didn't deem him important enough to show up on time. It always came to this didn't it? Everyone seemed to percept him as the confident one, the more dominant one in their relationship, while in fact he felt taken for granted and not at all in control. The worst part of it all was that Link seemed not to recognize this. Every single time Rhett said something completely sappy and appreciative about their friendship, Link shook his head, laughed or shot him down in some other way, never bothering to return the words of sentiment.
......Rhett was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of the studio door opening and Link's cheerfully uttered: "Hey man, I'm here."
......Rhett sighed in resignation, it didn't look like he'd get an explanation soon. "Hey Link, good drive?"
......"Yeah, sure. I stopped for some beer and crisps in case we felt like making a night out of this."
......Rhett grinned, his smile only partially forced. "That's good, I actually thought about discussing some ideas for February and the beer will definitely come in handy."
......Link nodded and having disposed of his purchase in the kitchenette, he sat down next to Rhett. So, it's the cryptocurrency theme today, is it?"
......Rhett nodded and soon enough, the camera was rolling. It was mostly a pretty uneventful episode as far as he was concerned even though truth be told, he was pretty excited by their topic. He of course felt a bit put out when Link suggested their virtual money be called "Linkcoins" instead of "RhettandLinkCoins" but decided to ignore his hurt feelings since it was surely said just for fun and he was being absolutely ridiculous. The video ended abruptly and they were basically done for the day.
......Link smiled as he stretched his arms. "That was fun. I can't say I really get the whole system of the cryptomoney but it does sound fun."
......Rhett nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah well, I didn't get it at first too but once I read more about it, I started to understand it. I think I explained it quite well actually," he stops and realizes he's being too worked up over this and tries to sound nonchalant: "It is true though that the whole idea is ridiculous, what people don't come up with these days, right?"
......Link raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh come on! You absolutely love the idea," he says in a teasing tone, "I can see the excitement pouring out of your ears."
......Rhett gave a nervous laugh, trying not to feel offended by his friend's ridicule. "Ears? Honestly man, ears?"
......Link shrugged and stood up. "What was I supposed to say? It's a perfectly normal sentence. Maybe you should have those ears checked."
......Rhett frowned as he watched Link heading for their fridge. So he wasn't supposed to feel neglected by his best friend no matter what gets thrown his way, but Link can just get offended over nothing? Isn't that somewhat not fair? The bearded man ran a hand across his face. He was being childish and he knew it but Link's attitude today is seriously pissing him off. First he walks in almost twenty minutes late and offers no apologies, then he selfishly proclaims their money to be called after himself and last but not least, he gets offended for no reason after making fun of Rhett.
......The anger bubbled up in him and suddenly he felt like he couldn't take anymore. He strode towards the kitchenette and stopped in front of Link. "What's wrong with you, man? I didn't even say anything and you're acting like a complete ninny. Why is it always me that does something wrong? Why am I always the one to hurt you, when in reality it's the other way around? You think it's easy for me to be taken for granted? To always listen to you say how you would sacrifice me in order to save your skin? Are we even in the same friendship? Because my perception of it is obviously completely different from yours. Do you even consider me your best friend at all or my I just a means for you to do what you love? Entertaining. Do you think people don't notice that you treat me like trash?"
......Link stared. "What? What in the world are you talking about? It's all just for fun, man! You said it yourself, we're entertaining people. They don't need to hear some sappy dialogues about how important we are to each other."
......"But I do! I do need to hear it because I feel like if you could, you would just get rid of me."
......Link looked as if he had his breath knocked out of him. "Aren't you blowing the whole thing out of proportion a bit, Rhett? You know you're my best friend and that you are very important to me, doesn't mean I'm going to tell you every single day. I thought there were things we didn't need to tell each other anymore."
......Rhett took a deep breath. Was it possible that he was really overreacting and that everything was perfectly fine? Was he just being too sensitive about the whole thing? He couldn't tell anymore. "Could you just still say it from time to time? That I am important to you? Because when you come twenty minutes late and don't offer an explanation, I don't feel very appreciated."
......Link barked out a laugh. "That's what this is about, Rhett? But I did offer an explanation, remember? I stopped for beer and some crisps, there was a damned long queue in the shop but I didn't think I was that late."
......"Oh." Rhett wasn't able to say anything more eloquent. He was really overreacting and Link must think he was a complete idiot. "Sorry," he forced out in the end.
......Link smiled at him and stepped forward to enfold him in his arms. "It's alright, I'll make sure to call you next time. And I will tell you more often how important you are to me, don't worry."
......Rhett relaxed into the embrace and put his head on the top of his friend's, his lips pressed into Link's hair. "Thanks, I guess I'm a bit overworked, I'm not going to throw another fit anytime soon."
......Link chuckled but went to assure him: "It's fine, I don't mind. everyone needs to blow off a bit of a steam every once in a while. I forgive you, man. And do you know why?"
......Rhett shook his head slightly, knowing Link could feel it. He didn't really feel like talking anymore, he could just stand there with Link's arms around him and the scent of his friend's hair in his nose for the rest of the day.
......Link felt the need to say something else though: "Because you are important to me, because I care for you, because you are my best friend and I wouldn't give you up for anything in the world. I'm sorry I don't say it enough."
......It was the most sappy thing Link has probably ever said but Rhett could die happy now.

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