Role Exchange

5. may 2014 at 12:30 | Thalia Contostavlos
......This is by no means my first NCIS fanfiction, however it's the first that has ever left my "Private" folder. I hope you'll like what you read and leave a comment below :)
Disclaimer: I don't own any recognizable characters ... even though I am doing my best not to think about it ... ah denial
Warnings: none

......The case was a mess. There was no other way to put it. The whole team had been slaving over the case files for two days straight and they still had yet to find any kind of clue as to who could possibly be the murderer.
......"I bet it was the Senator," grumbled Tony after he finished his fifteenth cup of coffee. He gave up on any kind of flavored syrups hours ago and now drank the same disgusting thing Gibbs did. The surprise was, he didn't even mind.
......Ziva looked up. "Aren't you always the one saying it was the wife?"
......Tony got up, picking up his empty cup. "I always say what my instinct tells me." He turned to Gibbs. "You need a refill, boss?"
......The man in question nodded silently and held up his cup for Tony to take. "McGee, check the Senator's transactions again, run the last three years this time. There has to be something we're missing."
......Ziva looked up again. "You think it was the Senator, as well?"
......Gibbs shrugged. "No idea, but if DiNozzo has a hunch."
......Ziva frowned. "Tony doesn't have a hunch, he has a stomach ache from all that coffee he drank. I've been counting, he just went for his sixteenth in forty hours, he's almost as bad as you."
......Gibbs raised a tired eyebrow. "You keep count for me as well?"
......Ziva shrugged and went back to her computer screen. "Nineteen."
......Gibbs sighed, took off his glasses and rubbed his sore eyes. He was grateful Tony had even the slightest bit of feeling about this case, because his own gut was stubbornly silent. There were four possible murderers that had both the motive and the lack of alibi, however there was not a shred of evidence to point at either one of them. The fact that one of the suspects was a Senator was a bugger. The man was arrogant and his answer to anything was: "Ask my lawyer, Agent Gibbons." no matter how many times Gibbs corrected him.
......A cup of steaming hot coffee landed on the desk in front of him and he looked up only to see Tony smiling at him sadly. "Nothing, eh?"
......He merely frowned, taking a sip of the black brew.
......Tony leaned forward, effectively blocking out the rest of the bullpen from his boss' view, and whispered. "We'll figure something out, Jethro, don't worry."
......Gibbs nodded. Tony was right, they always figure something out in the end. He was glad Tony took the time to make him feel better though, he needed a friend right now.
......Tony was halfway back to his own desk, when McGee gasped. "Boss, I found something. The Senator purchased an antique knife from almost three years ago. It looks suspiciously like our murder weapon."
......The whole team crowded around the tech specialist's computer, checking for themselves that they finally found a clue. Tony grinned. "I told you it was him, Zee-vah, did you really doubt me?"
......Ziva wanted to frown at him and drop some scathing remark but she didn't have the energy, so she just shook her head slowly. Gibbs' body finally caught up with his brain and he barked out: "Grab your gear, we have a murderer to pick up."
......At this point, it would be nice to say that the arrest went smoothly and that the Senator confessed but that was not meant to be. The arrest was a power game made more for secretaries than federal agents with all the warrants and important documents flying around, and it went as far as the Senator shoving Gibbs aside while spitting curses at him. What Gibbs did next, however, wasn't what was supposed to happen. Blame the coffee, but instead of arresting the Senator for assaulting a federal agent, Gibbs took matters into his own hands and socked the cocky man in the eye. It's no wonder the Senator decided to press charges.
......It was an understatement to say that Vance wasn't happy. He yelled, cursed, chewed on his toothpick and then yelled some more.
......"Gibbs, I have no choice but to demote you," he said after snapping his fifth toothpick of the day in half.
......Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "Demote me? Are you kidding?"
......Vance looked dead serious. "No, I'm not. The Senator threatened to sue us if you're not demoted and I don't want to cause more trouble for our agency than you've already caused."
......Gibbs took a step forward. "He is a killer, we don't need to bow before him."
......"We do, Gibbs! He's still a Senator, dammit!" yelled Vance.
......"Oh fine, and who'll lead the MCRT then?"
......"DiNozzo. Effective immediately, you said yourself that he was ready years ago, you'll just have to exchange roles for now."
......Gibbs snorted at the absurdity of it all. "Exchange roles? You mean I'll be DiNozzo's 2IC?"
......"Yes. And I don't want to hear any complaints. You better respect him or the rest of your team will give him hell. Despite the facade he puts on, he's a capable agent."
......Gibbs nodded. "Of course, you know I do respect him."
......Vance shook his head. "Maybe, but you don't show it much."
......Gibbs left Vance's office in a conflicting mood. He was pissed off that a murderer could dictate what they did or didn't do at the NCIS, but on the other hand he was glad for Tony. This was a chance to prove himself. Gibbs might know how good his second in command was but the rest of the team probably had no idea.
......"Yes boss? What's the problem?"
......Gibbs shook his head. He's going to miss this. "That's the problem. I'm not your boss anymore."
......Ziva and McGee looked up from their reports. Tony frowned. "He didn't sack you, did he?"
......Gibbs shook his head. "Nah, boss, he didn't."
......Unsurprisingly, Tony caught up way before McGee and Ziva. "You're not serious, he demoted you?"
......"Yeah, I'm your second in command now."
......Tony grinned. "Neat." Then he frowned. "Wait, that will be absolutely weird. You calling me boss? Don't do that, please."
......Gibbs sat down behind his desk. "If I can keep my desk."
......Tony brightened up. "Sure, I don't want your desk, just don't call me boss and I'll call you whatever you want."
......Gibbs shrugged. "You know what to call me."
......Tony sat down behind his desk and looked at the paperwork in front of him evilly. "Is the demotion effective immediately? Because I think I have some paperwork for you."
......Gibbs groaned. "No. I'm not doing all that crap you've been doing till now. Most of it is the team leader's job anyway."
......Tony nodded. "Yeah, but I've been doing it for you all these years, don't you think you should do it for me now?"
......"No, I don't. And watch that tone, I can still headslap you."
......Tony shrugged. "Sure, but I can slap you right back now."
......Ziva gasped. "Tony!"
......"We should probably call him boss right now, Ziva," whispered McGee uncertainly.
......Tony shrugged smugly. "I guess you should, McProbie."
......Gibbs looked up. "Well, boss. What do I do?"
......Tony shot him a glare. "If you don't know what to do by now, Jethro, you probably shouldn't be on the team."
......Gibbs snickered and went to write his report. He might make fun of Tony but he's not going to disobey him. He needs to show both McGee and Ziva that he respects Tony as his leader and they should therefore do the same. On top of that, he suspected that were he to taunt him anymore, Tony would make good on his promise and actually headslap him.
......All the reports were finished in two hours and except for the time when Tony rose from his seat ready to submit his report to Gibbs before sitting back down remembering he was the boss now only to stand up again realizing that he still needed Gibbs to check it over as his second in command, everything went without a hitch.

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