When I was five years old ...

12. may 2014 at 22:50 | Thalia Contostavlos |  Author´s Note
... every minute of the day seemed to drag forever and yet I was never bored.
... I could walk down the street talking loudly to myself and still be considered normal.
... it took just a packet of pavement chalk or a jumping rope to keep me busy.
... the bathtub was big enough for me to swim in.
... I could sit in a doorway without bending my knees.
... strolling down the beach without a bikini top wasn't considered improper.
... I didn't care one whit about my appearance.
... I could fight boys my age and win.
... I was too shy to buy myself an icecream.
... driving a car was a mystery.
... I wanted to be a pirate.
... ninth graders seemed so clever.
... while playing monopoly I thought that the more paper money I had, the better, regardless their value.
... a Christmas tree was always gigantic despite it being hardly five feet tall.
... I didn't know what the alarm clock showed at midnight.
... I could pour litres of water on the bathroom floor and slide around on my naked bum without getting it
....tanned afterwards.
... I didn't know what the term "applied mathematics" or "evolutionary biology" meant.
... I had no idea there was such a thing as an American accent.
... spiders didn't faze me.
... the living room furniture were rocks and the carpet was lava.
... anything that rhymed (and sometimes not even that) made for a good song.
... I knew nothing about grammar and didn't mind.
... I wondered what beer tasted like and envied anyone who knew.
... anyone could tell when I lied.
... I thought all people were good, kind hearted and funny.
... I stole a piece of candy from my friend, felt bad afterwards and bought her a bunch of lollipops as an
....apology (never told her I stole from her though).
... the distance from our weekend house to the well was at least fifty time as long.
... there was a pretty and helpful shortcut behind our house (now there is a family house instead).
... it was a different millenium.
... my imagination was boundless.
... I played house.
... I had best friends.
... I wanted to be an adult.


1 womm | Email | Web | 13. may 2014 at 0:05 | React

Dosť dobré ^^
Napriek tomu, že píšem realistickejšie čo sa obsahu blogu týka, bol toto článok, ktorý som si užil. Ideálny na čítanie pri večernej melanchólii.
Obrovské plus je anglický jazyk v ktorom to podľa mňa "znie" oveľa dojemnejšie a zaspomínanejšie ^^
Keep up the good work :)

2 Černý Drápek | Web | 8. june 2014 at 12:45 | React

To je velmi krásně napsané! :) Vzpomínky jsou nádherné, kéž bychom mohli být dětmi o něco déle.

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